A new learner driver service in Bolton required a logo and promotional materials for a business launch. Drive2Pass required a logo and logotype combination that could be used as a whole, or broken up to be used individually on small areas of vehicle livery. The client also requested a visual element that referenced driving in some form.

Red and black were chosen to create a bold impression, whilst tying in with the industry’s aesthetic conventions. The icon is formed from a simple lozenge shape containing the company initials. The number ‘2’ has been drawn to look like an angled road – the perspective helping to close the gap between characters and create more balance. The logotype below mirrors the icon in a more simplistic way.

For the leaflet, a striking visual was created displaying the client’s car featuring the logo applied as livery. The simple sans-serif geometric typeface and colour scheme from the logo was extended across the leaflet, creating a stylised corporate identity that communicates clearly, and represents the nature of the business successfully.