Express doctor is an online service that connects medical healthcare professionals with patients online. A recognisable logo that represented the professional nature of the business was required to help push the website’s brand online. Key aspects of the service such as trust and professionalism also needed to be asserted visually.

The logo was kept kept clean and simple – clinical if you prefer puns. The simple sans serif logotype being manipulated slightly to incorporate the medical cross into the t character, and also to merge the p and d letter-forms to allow the two lines to become more compact and striking. A medical blue and the standard red for the cross were used to contrast.

A set of icons to be used on promotional items and on the clients website were also commissioned. These illustrations were to represent core aspects of the business quickly. The icons carry the core characteristics of the logo for brand consistency, but utilise a far thinner stroke to allow for more detail and to make less impact than he logo, so as not to detract attention when they appear next to each other.